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The Divine Cage released

Concept' new album "The Divine Cage" has been released on the 28th february 2005 by the italian label Underground Symphony.

The cd has been released in Japan by the label SoundHolic, on the 23rd february.
The Divine Cage

The artwork for the new album "The Divine Cage" is finished.
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download The Divine Cage
New Perspectives
[full - 3,5 MB]
download The Divine Cage
Out of Fashion
[1,5 MB]
download The Divine Cage
Catching Dreams (Out of The Cage) [1,3 MB]
download The Divine Cage
Under My Care
[1,3 MB]
The concept is the relationship with the World, and the things of the world are showing themselves to the concept in the multi-perspectivness of a choir of voices merged in a meaningful and organized entirety. As a symphony is a concordance of sounds, headed towards the same direction, so the concept gives meaning to the world, making a whole of its many facets.
The concept's symphony is what we normally call "The World".We have access to the world by our vision of it, the
entirety that links together notes, chords, tones, frequencies; the entirety without whom the world would only be a quantity of meaningless and dispersed impressions.
As a Symphony expresses contradictions, individualisms, antagonisms, so the concept is showing itself to us in a mysterious and borderless way, inducting us to believe that its meaning is to be achieved through our conscience, thus leading us to the problem of reason, to the problem of Truth.
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