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    LAST UPDATE:   15.08.2007
andrea mastroianni mariano croce giann carcione andrea arcangeli david folchitto
Concept is a project born from a group of guys who, by the mean of Progressive Metal, intends to give musical expression to the “triple question”: what’s the relationship between music and conscience, between music and self-comprehension, between music and self-perception?
After a short-term experience under the name of A.T.T. (About Traverse Tracks), and after releasing a demo cd (in September 1999), Mariano Croce, Andrea Mastroianni, Gianni Carcione and David Folchitto, in January 2000, formed the band Concept, producing their first demo cd in February 2000. On June 2000 they signed their first contract with the Underground Symphony.
Concept are recording their first full-length cd during march-april 2001 in the Zenith Studios (Lucca – Italy). Due to some negative circumstances, the cd will be mixed only in the October of 2002, in the New Sin Studio (Loria (TV) – Italy).
Mariano Croce : Guitars
Andrea Mastroianni : Keyboards
Gianni Carcione : Vocals
Andrea Arcangeli : Bass
David Folchitto : Drums
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