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::  14.11.2004  ::  David and the New Album  ::

David FolchittoHello there... The web site has not being updated for a while... nevertheless many things happened:
David Folchitto joined Concept again and played drums on the new Concept album "The Divine Cage" recorded on june 2004 at the New Sin Studio.

More updates about "The Divine Cage" will be published soon.

::  18.5.2004  ::  The result of the poll  ::

poll result

::  28.1.2004  ::  Guests on the new Time Machine album  ::

Mariano Croce & Andrea Mastroianni guest musicians for the new album of the world-renowned progressive band, the great Time Machine.

From http://www.lucretiarecords.com:

Time Machine"Second episode of the "inquisitor Eymerich trilogy", here is the new album by the Italian prog-metal band led by mastermind Lorenzo Deho' [...] this disc features a whole bunch of illustrious guests such as keyboard-god Fabio Ribeiro (Blezqi Zatsaz, Shaman, etc.), Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Mariano Croce and Andrea Mastroianni (Concept) and other renown musicians. [...] The script of the lyrics concept has been drawn once again under the literary supervision of world famous writer Valerio Evangelisti.

Current line-up:
Marco Sivo: vocals
Gianluca Ferro: lead & rhythm guitars, 6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars, keyboards, programming
Gianluca Galli: lead & rhythm guitars, 6 & 12 strings acoustic guitars, sitar, mandolin
Lorenzo Deho': bass guitar, keyboards, programming
Sigfrido Percich: drums

Guest musicians:
Mariano Croce (gtr) and Andrea Mastroianni (key) from Concept
Rafael Bittencourt (gtr) and Kiko Loureiro (gtr) from Angra
Fabio Ribeiro (key) from Shaman, Blezqi Zatsaz
Matteo Giuliani (backing vocals) from Snake Eyes".

A special thanks and best wishes to Lorenzo Deho' from Mariano, Andrea & Concept.

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